Thursday, 12 March 2015

Review: Charlotte Tilbury - Goddess Skin Clay Mask

The latest new product from sought after Celebrity makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, is an addition to her skincare range; Goddess skin. A wonderful clay mask like no other which, no surprise, aims to give you goddess like, baby soft skin.
Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask £45.00
 The first thing I have to mention about this mask is the scent! It has Frangipani extract in the ingredients and oh my word, the scent is heavenly.
For me, it is the main reason I love this mask so much, the fragrance just lifts me and makes me feel so utterly relaxed and blessed out whilst I wait for the spanish clay to work its wonders on my skin. It's little things like this that make the whole at home pamper evening feel that much more enjoyable and spa-like.
My skin seemed to drink this mask up and felt visibly plumped and soft to touch after the first application. There was no tightness which is usually associated with clay masks... nice one, Charlotte! I hate using astringent formulas since my mid twenties. I no longer feel the need to rid my skin of every last bit of moisture in order to feel cleansed. Clean, balanced and nourished skin is all I crave these days. The other pleasant thing about this mask is how easily it glides on, it is really pliable. Thought it does dry rather quickly so use a generous amount if you're wanting to message your skin for extra skin glowing POW! You can head over to Charlotte Tilbury's site and watch her technique - i'd really recommend this if you have time.

At £45.00 a pop it isn't the cheapest of masks and with lots of clay masks lining shop shelves ranging from 99p upwards it might seem hard to justify. It really is a luxe skincare product and although it didn't completely blow me away, I don't think you can find a similar mask that smells and feels so yummy on the skin. The only reason I say it didn't blow me away is that it only does a few things such as no tightness and amazing scent that other clay masks don't seem to have but i'm sure there are some very good alternatives for much cheaper if you look hard enough. The Montagne Jeaunesse single packs are 99p and smell yummy and some are super moisturising so in that sense, you can have the same but there's something just so luxurious and high end about Goddess Skin.

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